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My Story

 I have been restoring brushes & razors for several years in my spare time.  I am a wet shaving enthusiast who enjoys the feeling of a hot steaming towel and soft badger hair brush on my face.  There is something Zen about wet shaving.  Not only is it great for your face and skin, but a joy to do.
A lot of time and effort goes into each razor and brush buffing out each scratch and then polishing it back to its original luster.  Your razor & brush will come packaged in its own box or both in one box depending on the razor.  These packages would be ready to give as a gift upon getting them in case you would like to ship them directly to someone for a birthday or other special occasion.

I am an architect by trade and a full-time jeweler.  I always do my very best to pay attention to detail, I pride myself in being very thorough when restoring my razors and brushes.  Trust that every effort was put into both this razor and brush to make pieces that any shaving enthusiast would be proud to display in their den and shave with.

Razor Restoration

 Any razor purchased from me will always be shave ready upon arrival.  Each razor and brush is put through an extensive cleaning/sterilization process before I photograph them.  When I am finished with my razors they are as sterile as surgical equipment. Upon receiving each razor, I first let them soak in a hot bath of cleaning solution.  After that I transfer them to my ultrasonic cleaning bath where they stay for the next 40 minutes.  Next is where the fun begins and my favorite part.  Lots of scrubbing, polishing, & elbow grease is expended to bring these vintage sleeping beauties back to life.  Once I am satisfied with their shine I place them in an autoclave.  An autoclave is a machine used in hospitals, veterinary clinics, and even tattoo parlors that uses high pressure steam to decontaminate equipment.  Once this process has been completed I will photograph each razor or set and they are ready to go.  If you are looking for a high quality restoration that is done correctly then you have found the right place. 

Shave of the Day

 This section is for photos submitted by customers with their vintage safety razors that they used to shave with that day, along with whatever shaving soap/cream, pre-shave, aftershave, and cologne too.  If you have any SOTD photos and would like them featured in this section please email them to me and I will gladly display them in this section.  The photos do not have to be with razors purchased from me, but any new or vintage razors that you have.  If you are like me and have enough soaps and creams to keep a small army clean shaven then please, by all means, submit them to me to share with the rest of us.