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 Do you have a vintage safety razor that could use some TLC?  Would you like to have a razor professionally replated with a bright & shiny new finish that not only looks amazing, but will withstand the test of time and protect your razor from rust, patina, & normal wear and tear?  Then maybe it is time to send that razor to Sport Shaving.  We have over 5 years of experience in replating gold, stainless, platinum, and sterling silver jewelry and do all of the replating of the razors sold through this website and other brick & mortar venues.  Everything from the cleaning, buffing, sterilization, and plating is done in house, by us.  Nothing is shipped off to third party vendors.   Sport Shaving has a commercial grade electroplating set up, equipped with multiple buffing stations, ultrasonic cleaners for each step of the process, auto-clave machines, steam cleaners, & a paint booth.  This is just the tip of the iceberg of equipment used to restore razors.  We also use dremel tools, flex shafts, tumblers, water jets, etc. to bring these vintage beauties back to life.  Each razor will be expertly cleaned, polished, sterilized, and replated to a thickness twice of that used when plating jewelry.  Please note, we do not do any adjusting to the razors, such as repairing bent or broken teeth, loose handles, broken dials, etc. 

Electroplating Razors Rhodium Rose Gold Nickel Silver Yellow Gold Revamp
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What is Electro-Plating? How Does it Work?

 Electroplating is a complex process that uses an electric current in an electrolytic bath to form a coating over the object being plated.  For example, if plating copper to nickel then a bath of nickel sulfate and other alkaline liquids would be used.  The copper piece would be immersed in the bath along with an annode matching the bath solution.  By using electric currents one can form a brilliant and beautiful new nickel finish on this copper piece.  One piece is attached to a negative or ground terminal, while the other to a positive or lead.  As the plating process continues the bath pH will begin to change and requires constant oversight and adjustment.  Salts and other alkaline products are used to keep the bath at the correct levels and plating to an optimum brightness and durability. Each piece being plated must be perfectly clean and free of any oils, debris, & flux.  Even the slightest smudge from a finger will cause the plating to look inconsistent.   The field of electro-plating has made leaps and bounds since its invention in the 1800s.  In the early 1900's most plating baths contained Cyanide, making it a dangerous process and disposal an issue.  Although many plating baths today still contain the Cyanide Alkali, we DO NOT use any plating baths that contain Cyanide.   

What Is The Process Used to Make My Razor So Beautiful?

 Preparing your razor to be replated is extremely important in getting that beautiful mirror finish that will last.  After all, Electro-Plating was invented as a durable coating to protect objects from corrosion and other outside elements.  Each razor must first be thoroughly cleaned by hand before moving to the next step where commercial grade ultrasonic and steam cleaners are used.  Each razor will be buffed on a lathe and with multiple rotary tools to get those hard to reach areas and lastly by hand to ensure that the best possible surface is achieved.  This is extremely important!  Why?  Because the layer of electroplated material forms directly on to the piece being plated.  Any scuffs, scratches, and dings will still be there after the plating process is finished.  Not always will these surface imperfections be able to be removed.  It is paramount that each piece be cleaned and prepped to the best possible level, but without altering the original geometry or shape of the razor.   


I'm convinced!  What Will it Cost to Replate my Razor?


Sport Shaving has always offered razor replating as a service, but until now has not listed it on our website due to the high volume of razors we already receive. We can plate your razor in a variety of different finishes.  We offer Nickel, Rhodium, 24k Gold, & in Rose Gold.  Prices vary between finishes with nickel being the least expensive and gold and rhodium costing slightly more.   The price of rhodium and gold are slightly higher because each piece plated in either of these finishes must first be plated in nickel to ensure a proper adhesion.  All gold and rhodium plating baths include actual rhodium and gold.  Prices also vary between razor types, but below is an average price guide per finish.  To get an exact quote on replating your razor please use the Contact Form in the request a quote section below.  Return shipping is $2.85 for anywhere in the US and $13.95 Internationally.  Yes, we accept international requests from all over the world.  Please note, these prices are just a guide and could be +/- depending on the razor type, size, etc.  We may also offer discounted prices for multiple razors at one time. 


Nickel Plating ($40-$65 + return shipping)
Rhodium Plating ($70-$80 + return shipping)
Gold Plating 24k ($75-$80 + return shipping)

Rose Gold Plating ($75-$80 + return shipping)

I'm Ready Now!  How Do I Start & What Should I Include?

 Please contact us through the messaging system or by email for a shipping authorization number.  Once we have issued your shipping authorization, we ask that you ship your razor safely and securely with adequate protection and with delivery confirmation.  Please include a note with your razor or razors with your Name, Email Address, Return Shipping Address, Authorization Number, and Plating Finish Desired.  This is important to help us manage the influx of incoming razors and to ensure that your razor stays your razor.   

I Still Have a Questions?

 If you still have questions feel free to contact us at info@sportshaving.com with any questions you may have.  We would be more then happy to answer any and all questions you may have.  I want to personally thank you for taking the time to read over our Electro-Plating service here at Sport Shaving and I look forward to the opportunity to earn your trust and business.  Our pledge to you is that we will do everything in our power to make this service 100% satisfactory to you and return a razor that any wet shaving enthusiast would be more then happy to shave with and display in their den. Thank you for your time.  -Nick 


 After your razor is completed we will contact you via email to let you know that your razor is ready to be returned home to its owner.  We will then send an invoice via PayPal for the work completed.  If you prefer to pay by Check, Money Order, or Credit Card please notify us prior to payment for direction.  There will be a short wait before return shipping allowing time for Checks to clear.  

How Long Does the Replating Process Take?

 We strive to make this process as streamline as possible.  Typically from the time the razor arrives until it is back in the mail heading home to its patient owner ranges between 4 - 5 weeks.